«The best plowman of the Smolensk region – 2019»

The Administration of the Smolensk Region on June 25, 2019, on the territory of the municipal formation “Pochinkovsky District” of the Smolensk Region, is holding the first regional plowmen competition “The Best Plowman of the Smolensk Region – 2019” (hereinafter – the competition). According to the instructions of the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian […]

How much did fertilizer prices go up in Russia for the sowing season?

On the eve of the sowing campaign, the Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev pointed out the lack of fertilizers among agricultural producers, and one of the reasons for this is the increase in prices, writes the BFM.RU portal. Last Thursday, March 14, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev asked the head of […]

«Miratorg» plans to return 10 thousand hectares of abandoned lands of Smolensk region to agricultural circulation.

Due to the increase in the livestock of cattle, the agricultural holding «Miratorg» plans to develop more than 10 thousand hectares of abandoned land in Roslavl, Ershichsky, Pochinkovsky, Khislavichsky, Monastyrshchinsky districts in 2019. Expansion of land is necessary for the organization of pastures and forage production. The company grows corn for silage and grain, annual […]

A consortium of farmers for grain export is being created in Siberia

The authorities of the Siberian regions plan to create a consortium of agrarians to export grain to large foreign buyers and to simplify the export of wheat, problems with which have been observed in the Siberian Federal District (SFD) over the past two years. The agreement on the creation of the consortium is scheduled to […]

New machines at Belagro-2018 are presented by «Bobruiskagromash» Management Company

BobruiskAgromash presented a number of new developments at the international exhibition “Belagro-2018”. At the forefront of the show is an updated complex for feed production, which is gaining relevance with the development of large-scale milk and beef production. Trailed mower KDP-310A, rear-mounted – KPN-3.1 and frontal – KDF-310 can easily take a place in the […]


Date: July 31, 2018, Smolensk Venue: FGBU Smolensk branch “State Sort Commission”, experimental fields in Pochinkovsky district. Registration of participants Hotels and service Business program

STOCK!!! Sale of mowers KDN-210

The mower is designed for mowing natural and seeded grasses, including high-yielding and lodged, with laying the mowed mass in a swath. The mower is used in all zones, on leveled meadows (hayfields) not clogged with stones protruding from the soil by no more than 30 mm.The mower is aggregated with tractors of 0.9 and […]