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Tillage disc aggregate APD-6

Описание модели

Tillage disc aggregates with a working width from 2 to 7.5 meters

Tillage disc units are designed for pre-sowing soil cultivation, for cutting soil layers after plowing meadows and pastures, for quick, shallow stubble cultivation with intensive mixing (peeling), they work smoothly even with a large amount of straw. Processing of corn fields with a large amount of straw and stubble, plowing of forage lands and reclamation of fallows, pre-sowing preparation and incorporation of liquid manure, leveling and rolling the surface of the field, creating a mulch layer, preventing wind and water erosion. Ensuring the simultaneous performance of two operations: soil disking and pre-sowing packing, makes it possible to sow various crops.

The working bodies of the units are equipped with cut-out spherical “chamomile” discs with a diameter of 560 mm and a thickness of 6 mm. The discs penetrate the soil to a depth of 5 to 16 cm.

Each disc of the unit is mounted on an individual stand, which allows the unit to work in fields with a large amount of plant residues and weeds, excluding winding of plant residues on the disc axis and clogging of the disc space, and also ensures high maintainability of the unit.

Tillage disc units are equipped with individual protection, which is provided by a system of four rubber shock absorbers (dampers), with the help of which each rack with a disc is individually attached to the frame, which allows the discs to move in the event of a collision with an obstacle, since each disc reacts independently, the working depth of the entire machine does not change. The attack angle of the front and rear disc batteries is 15 °.

One of the main advantages of tillage disc aggregates manufactured by Bobruiskselmash OJSC is the use of a reliable bearing assembly of its own production.

All parts that make up the bearing assembly, in particular: the housing, axle, bushing, covers, are made of high-quality carbon structural and alloy steels, the working surface zones are subjected to additional heat treatment, which increases the wear resistance of this assembly, and, accordingly, the term his service.

The unit uses a double-row angular contact ball bearing with a groove for entering the balls, which can withstand a significant radial load.

To protect the bearing from contamination and premature failure, cassette seals of such well-known brands in the field of rubber products as Simrit and Nak are used.

The production of component parts of the bearing assembly is carried out on high-precision double-spindle CNC machines, which ensure high quality and accuracy of the geometric parameters of the parts.

Depending on the soil and climatic conditions of the region in which these units are supposed to be used, a choice of press rollers is offered, adapted to all types of soils: spiral, toothed, slatted, tubular.

1 879 200р

General characteristics

Unit type: SemitrailerWorking width of capture, meters, not less: 6Required tractor power, horsepower: from 220Weight, kg, no more: 5500Processing depth in one pass, cm: 7,2Cutting of plant residues and weeds,%: 5-16Number of disk batteries, pcs.: 100Number of discs, pieces, cut: 6Working speed, km/h, no more: 42Transport speed, km/h, not less: up to 12Manufacturer: 15: Bobruiskselmash OJSC

Overall dimensions, mm, in transport position:

length: 6000width: 4230height: 4100

Overall dimensions, mm, in working position:

length: 6000width: 6200height: 1400
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