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Steam cultivator KPN-6

Описание модели

The cultivator is designed for continuous soil cultivation after plowing in preparation for sowing, early spring closure of moisture, steam and semi-steam cultivation. In one pass across the field, the cultivator provides complete preparation of the soil for sowing, combining cultivation, loosening and leveling.

Unlike a plow, the cultivator performs shallow loosening of the soil without turning the seam and without bringing the lower layers to the surface, combined with cutting weeds.

The cultivator has an individually driven system of sections of the working bodies with a vibrating nature of work, as a result of which the working bodies are automatically cleaned.

– Cultivators KPS-13 and KPN-6 are equipped with loosening tines.
– The KPS-13-1 cultivator is equipped with duckfoot paws.
– Pointed shares are installed in two rows, loosening – in three rows.

For leveling the surface of the field and creating a fine crumbly topsoil, spring-loaded tines are provided.

– The cultivator, at the request of the consumer, is completed with additional equipment – a roller attachment KPS-, which consists of five compacting roller sections.
– Adjustment of the depth of cultivation of the side sections is carried out by means of support wheels. The depth of travel of the working bodies is changed by moving the wheels relative to the frames. When the wheels move up, the depth of travel of the working bodies increases; when moving down, it decreases.

The cultivator is equipped with three types of beads: short, long and bypass.

– The short bead has an individually hinged – leash connection to the frame, in which each leg, attached to a separate leash – the beam, copies the relief of the field independently of other beams.
– The long beam has a hinged sectional drive connection to the frame, when several legs are attached to one beam. Two legs are attached to a long beam.
– The bypass beam has a hinged sectional frame connection to the frame. Four legs are attached to the bypass beam.

The main working bodies of the cultivator are tines with tines:
1) a spring rack with a loosening lance-shaped paw with a capture width of 45 – 55 mm;
2) a rigid stand with a universal duckfoot share (crumbling angle 250 – 300) with a grip width of 270 mm.

The placement of the paws on the cultivator frame is carried out on the basis of the condition of preventing clogging of the cultivator with plant residues.

– The loosening tines are spaced 170 mm apart in three rows. The distance between the rows is 350 mm.
– Pointed legs are spaced 255 mm apart in two rows. The distance between the rows is 700 mm.

The tines perform the harrowing function, which ensures better soil cultivation: cutting blocks, leveling the field, creating a fine crumbly topsoil, combing out weeds and plant residues.

The cultivator’s hydraulic system is designed to transfer the cultivator from the transport position to the working position and vice versa.

Cultivators KPS-13 and KPS-13-1 have two stages of folding: the first stage of folding – with the help of hydraulic cylinders, all frames are raised to a vertical position, the second stage of folding – with the help of hydraulic cylinders, the side frames are folded in a horizontal plane. When unfolded, the opposite is true.

591 400р

General characteristics

Type: HingedProductivity, ha/h: up to 7.2Working speed, km/h, no more: 6-12Working width of capture, meters, not less: 6Depth of processing, cm: 6-14Weight, kg, no more: 1210Manufacturer: Bobruiskselmash OJSC

Indicators of the quality of the technological process:

ridgeiness of the soil surface, cm, no more: 4weed cutting: 100clogging and sticking of working bodies: not allowedcrumbling soil into fractions up to 25 mm in size: 80%crumbling soil into fractions with lumps of more than 100 mm: not allowed

Overall dimensions, mm, no more:

in transport position: length-width-height: 2450-4052-2280in working position: length-width-height: 2450-6005-1325Ground clearance, mm: 300±30

Operating time of intensively wearing parts:

loosening paw (lancet), hectare: 40spring rack for loosening paws, hectare: 360rigid lancet paw stand, hectare: Number of paws: 35Traction class of the tractor: 2
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