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Self-propelled chemicalization machine "MTT-4U"

Model Description

The machine is designed for surface application of the main doses of solid mineral fertilizers in granular or crystalline form.

It can be used for the introduction of pulverized chemicals (dolomite flour, lime).

The drive of the conveyor and spreading discs is mechanical from the tractor PTO.

1 052 580р

General characteristics

Carrying capacity, tons: 4,0Working width of application, meters: 8-24Weight, t: 2,6Fertilizer application rates, tons per hectare: 0,1-2,0Transport speed, km/h: 25Productivity, hectare: 9-21Tractor, class. vehicle: 1,4Type of drawbar of the tractor: TSU-2Manufacturer: BobruiskAgroMash

Overall dimensions, mm:

length: 5,6width: 2,24height: 2,15
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