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Chipping machine "BELARUS MR-25"

Описание модели

The chipper is designed for the production of fuel chips from round and chopped timber, low-quality wood, sawmill and woodworking waste. Chipping machine “Belarus” MR-25 is efficient at any time of the year at ambient temperatures from minus 30 °C to plus 40 °C in flat and rugged terrain, on slopes in the longitudinal direction up to 7°, in cutting areas and forest plots with the presence of undergrowth, stumps up to 400 mm high, felling residues, deadwood, fallen trees, butt; on soils with medium and high bearing capacity, on virgin snow with a snow depth of up to 0.5 m.

Chipping machine “Belarus” MP-25 can be supplied in the following modifications:

MR-25-02 – with a storage container (hopper) for chips;
MR-25-03 – without a storage container (hopper) for chips.
The machine consists of:

forestry tractor
The trailer is equipped with:

hydraulic manipulator with outriggers,
chipping unit with cardan drive,
hopper with tilting mechanism,
hydraulic and pneumatic systems,
electrical equipment.
Manufacturer: Mozyr Machine-Building Plant OJSC

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General characteristics

Type: trailed on a single-axle semitrailerDrive unit: from the PTO of the power plantEnergy remedy: forestry tractor "BELARUS" L1221-03Productivity of the machine, cubic meters per hour, not less: 25The highest permissible speed of the vehicle, km / h: 25The smallest ground clearance, mm: 320Track, mm, no more: 1950Manufacturer: Mozyr Machine-Building Plant OJSC

Overall dimensions in transport position MR-25-03

length, mm: 9240width, mm: 2550height, mm: 3875operating weight, kg: 15100

Chopping unit

Model: HEM 360ZMaximum diameter of the processed material (solid / loose), cm: 27/36Feed opening dimensions (width / height), mm, not less: 790/360Cutting mechanism: drum multi-cutter (multi-blade)Chip sizes: in accordance with TU RB 100145188.003Feeder: forced, combining the receiving chute with the conveyor and the feed driven rollersChip ejection: upper with a device for changing the height and direction of discharge


Model: GM-42T-01 TU VU 101483199.550Maximum gross load moment, kNm: 38Boom outreach with a sliding section, m, not less: 6,5Greatest angle of rotation in the horizontal plane (right / left / total): 9° /164° /173°Manipulator control: joysticks from the cab, electro-hydraulic distributor with proportional control of lifting and lowering of the stick, boom and their reversal, as well as turning the rotatorMaximum pump performance, liters per minute: 60Maximum pressure of the working fluid in the hydraulic system of the manipulator, MPa: 21

Overall dimensions in transport position MR-25-02

length, mm: 11 240 ± 100width, mm: 2 450 ± 50height, mm: 3 820 ± 50operating weight, kg: 17 500 ± 100
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