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Plow 3-body hinged "PNP 3-35"

Plow 3-body hinged “PNP 3-35”

Описание модели

The 3-body mounted plow PNP-3-35 is designed for plowing for grain and industrial crops to a depth of 27 cm in various soils, not clogged with stones, flagstone and other obstacles with a resistivity of up to 0.09 MPa and a hardness of up to 3.0 MPa … The plows are aggregated with tractors of the 1.4 kN class (MTZ-80/82) and are completed with bodies with a cultural working surface for operation at speeds from 7 to 9 km / h

Manufacturer: Orshaagroprommash

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General characteristics

Plow type: hingedAggregation, tractor class / h.p.: 1,4/90-100Number of bodies, pcs: 3Plowing depth, no more than cm: 27Plow width, cm: 105Productivity for 1 hour of main time, hectare: 0,56-0,78Working speed of movement, km/h: 7-9Manufacturer: Orshaagroprommash


length, mm: 2570weight, kg: 560
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