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Tractor Belarus 3522-42 / 95-46 / 130-34 / 10

Model Description

The MTZ 3522 / Belarus-3522 tractor (energy-saturated) is designed to perform energy-intensive agricultural work in traction and traction-drive modes as part of wide-cut and combined units, including with echelon hitch, on the main and pre-sowing soil cultivation, sowing grain and other crops, procurement of fodder, harvesting of root crops, for carrying out transport, stationary work in construction and industry.
Distinctive features: a diesel engine in terms of emissions of harmful substances corresponds to the Tier3A stage, a hydraulically controlled system with a mechanical control, a set for doubling the rear wheels as standard, air conditioning, a front hitch, a front power take-off shaft.

Optional equipment: front weights, a set for doubling the front wheels.

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8 980 000р

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