Timber semi-trailers
Equipment that will not fail during the collection and removal of timber with dimensions of 1, 2, 4 and 6 m to loading stations or directly to the consumer. The timber semitrailer is attached to the forestry tractor "BELARUS" - this allows you to fulfill the work plan on time. When choosing machines in this category, the dimensions of the assortments should be taken into account. For the transportation of timber 1 meter long, the installation of additional racks is required, which are not included in the kit. These semi-trailers are used for work in normal conditions and terrain rugged by ditches, potholes, as well as in other difficult-to-pass places. The semi-trailer is supplied in different configurations and is selected depending on the production volume and the tasks set. Our experienced managers will help you with this, they will not only advise on the assortment, but also calculate the final cost of the kit. All models are equipped with a hydraulic manipulator, which will ensure high efficiency of work.