tractors - agricultural machinery - spare parts
tractors - agricultural machinery - spare parts
MTW OJSC tractors from an authorized dealer

Wide model range

The company “Smolselmash” is the official dealer of products Minsk Tractor Works OJSC.

Here you will find 14 models of modern tractors Belarus, accessories. Twenty years of cooperation and work without intermediaries, allows you to consistently keep low prices without losing quality. Items and spare parts of manufactured equipment. You can choose the right model for your tasks on the website or watch it live.

Belarusian quality

When choosing a technique, pay attention to assembly. Tractors released from the main assembly line in Minsk are of high quality and fail less often. These are the machines that our company supplies. Product features of Minsk Tractor Works OJSC

  • simplicity of design
  • high performance and reliability

Unlike American models, there are no complex electronics here, in case of a malfunction of which, the equipment breaks down.

Economy and functionality

In order to avoid overpayments for unnecessary functions and engine performance, it is worth considering the purpose of the unit on the farm.

Smolselmashspecialistswill select a model to implement your goals taking into account the budget. We have tractors for: agricultural work, forestry, utilities, construction and industrial applications.

With us, inappropriate spending is excluded.

Advantages of MTW technology

  • Affordable price
  • Maintainability and affordable service, both from authorized dealers and private companies
  • The use of fuels and lubricants of domestic and foreign production, based on your preferences and budget
  • Compatible with any mounted and trailed equipment
  • Durability and reliability of the design
  • The ability to install an air conditioner and other equipment for the comfort of the tractor driver

Our managers will contact you and answer all your questions