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AM-4 walk-behind tractor adapter

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The adapter is a trailer-seat with a steering wheel, designed for working with attachments in personal gardens. This device allows you to turn the walk-behind tractor into a full-fledged multifunctional “mini tractor”. Due to wheels in size 6.00-12, steering of a car type and a seat for the operator, working with a walk-behind tractor is greatly simplified and becomes more productive. The operator’s workplace is designed as ergonomically and conveniently as possible. The steering column of this adapter is designed like the steering wheel of a motorcycle. The functions of the steering column are to transmit the forces applied to the steering wheel, light and smooth rotation of the wheel fork. The main control levers are installed on the steering column: the clutch handle and the engine on / off button of the walk-behind tractor are located on the left, the brake lever and the throttle (gas) control lever are on the right, below knee level? reverse gear lever. Gear shifting is carried out on the handle of the walk-behind tractor, located to the right of the operator. Advantages: No need to go for walk-behind tractors A lifting mechanism for attachments is installed Can be used in winter for cleaning snow Much easier to transport cargo on a trailer Can also be used for outdoor activities (fishing trip; driving in fields, forests; trip to berries, mushrooms) When buying you can connect a rotary grass mower with our walk-behind tractors. Purpose It is important to know that by purchasing the AM-4 adapter, the walk-behind tractor turns into a universal technique, which, in combination with attachments, can solve the following tasks: Work the ground (plow, hiller, harrow); Plant and process potatoes (potato digger); Remove snow (shovel-blade, bucket); Connect a rotary mower. Additional equipment connected lifting mechanism, hitch, blade (bucket), front rack, rear rack, trailer, plow, hiller, harrow, cultivator. Features of the adapter Large front wheels 6×12, not 5 * 10 Soft seat of increased comfort Enlarged wheel flaps Reinforced frame made of shaped steel pipes Soft handle of the lifting mechanism Imported front suspension shock absorbers Modern design Anti-vibration handles The presence of a protective cover “torpedo” on the dashboard Increased volume of the luggage compartment High quality bearings

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AM-4 walk-behind tractor adapter

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