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AM-5 walk-behind tractor adapter

Описание модели

The adapter weighs 105 kg and is designed for driving at speeds up to 10 km / h. The adapter connects to the walk-behind tractor body a set of fasteners that are supplied in the delivery set.
In conjunction with a walk-behind tractor, it facilitates:
• forming a track for planting potatoes,
• preparation of animal feed.
Getting used to driving a modular mini-tractor is easier. It has the usual pedals for drivers, a steering wheel, gear levers while driving. The walk-behind tractor, controlled from the steering unit, complements all this with a hinged module with a seat. It is made of a durable alloy, covered with a layer of corrosion protection. The instructions for the adapter provide recommendations for safe assembly and operation.
• The use of motoblocks greatly simplifies the life of its owners, relieves them of heavy physical labor, significantly increases its productivity. But situations often arise in which the walk-behind tractor is not very convenient to use, since this unit is quite bulky, the operator has to walk on foot, besides, when working with some types of attachments, for example, with cutters, you need to be especially careful due to risk of possible injury. And here an adapter with a steering column comes to the rescue – a towing device for attaching a highly specialized hitch to walk-behind tractors, which makes the walk-behind tractor universal.

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AM-5 walk-behind tractor adapter

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