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Hinged disc harrow BND-1,8

Описание модели

Designed for loosening the soil, breaking soil layers after plowing, for pre-sowing soil preparation without preliminary plowing, for tillage after harvesting row crops and trimming plant residues, for caring for meadows and pastures.

Harrows can be used in various agro-climatic zones, on all types of soils, including those prone to wind and water erosion, as well as on soils clogged with stones no more than 10 cm in size and wood residues up to 2 cm thick. degrees) up to 10 degrees, it is also possible to work on soils with wavy and even microrelief. Harrows can also be used in wet weather.

The battery is the main working body of the harrow. The battery contains spherical discs. The discs are mounted on an axle mounted in two bearing assemblies and are separated by bobbins.

The working bodies of the harrows are equipped with chamomile-type cut-out spherical discs, which are installed at angles of 120, 150, 180 to the direction of travel. The setting of the angle of attack of the batteries is selected depending on the required tillage depth, the degree of soil crumbling, on the moisture and hardness of the soil.

At angles of attack of 120, it is recommended to work on light soils with high humidity.

At angles of attack of 150 and 180, it is recommended to work on hard soils.

Due to the special high-tech method of manufacturing and processing discs, as well as the material from which they are made, the service life of the working parts of the harrow is significantly increased compared to similar machines – depending on the operating conditions, the disc wear is 10 mm. on 2,500 hectares.

The bearing assembly consists of a ball bearing pressed onto a bushing. To protect the bearing from contamination, cuffs are installed in the covers.

291 600р

General characteristics

Type: hingedWorking width of capture, meters, not less: 2,0Productivity, ha/h: up to 2.1Weight, kg, no more: 800Maximum processing depth, cm (for 2 passes): 12-20Working speed, km/h, no more: up to 12Transport speed, km/h, not less: 15Disc thickness, mm, not less: 6Disc diameter, mm: 650Disc type: SphericalRequired tractor power: from 120 hpManufacturer: Bobruiskselmash OJSC

Overall dimensions, mm:

length: 3000width: 2200height: 1200
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