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Tooth harrow BZ-5,5

Описание модели

Tooth harrow – designed to level and loosen the topsoil, reduce moisture evaporation from the topsoil, destroy weeds in the initial phase of development, break up soil clots, and is also suitable for working with crop residues, preparing the soil before sowing in fields with different types of soil and incorporation mineral fertilizers sown in a scattered way.
The harrow can work in fields with small stones no more than 5 cm in size.

Thanks to its design, the harrow follows various soil contours. In addition, the tine of the harrow has the ability to tilt back, which makes it possible to reduce clogging of the sections with plant residues.

In one pass across the field, the harrow provides complete preparation of the soil for sowing, combining cultivation, loosening and leveling.

The deepening of the working bodies from the soil when turning, the transfer to the transport and working position is carried out using the hydraulic system of the tractor.

The track spacing when passing two sections (front and rear) is 12 mm. i.e with a tine width of 16 mm, no untreated soil surface remains on the field.

The working body of the harrow is a knife-like tooth, which is fixed on a hinged frame, has a quadrangular cross-section with working angles of 90 and 57 degrees, this allows you to increase the working width and overall performance of the equipment, while reducing the cost of fuels and lubricants and the specific costs of servicing the tractor per unit of sown area …

Also installed are limiters having two working angles 150 and 350. The limiter limits the deflection of the tooth back.

When the harrow is moved towards A, the tooth will work at an angle of 570 as a knife-like one and deviate slightly back due to the angle of the stop equal to 150. When setting the teeth at such an angle, the harrow is used to loosen the surface layer of the soil after deep plow-free plowing, as well as for early spring harrowing in order to preserve moisture and for pre-sowing treatment.

When the harrow is moved towards B, the tooth will work at an angle of 900 like a rectangular tooth, will deviate more backward, compact the soil and prepare the seedbed for sowing. They are used for work on heavy and medium soils. These tines grind the soil well horizontally.

Adjustment of the angle of installation of the teeth (angle 570 or angle 900) is made by turning the front sections by 1800, the rear sections, or one of them.

Rippers are additional working bodies that are attached with stepladders to the central frame. The loosening tines are spaced 170 mm apart in two rows. Row spacing 310 mm. The beams have a vibrational nature of work, as a result of which the working bodies are automatically cleaned.

The tooth harrow BZ -22 can be equipped with 12 replaceable harrow sections, which are installed instead of the toothed sections. The harrow sections are completed with 6 teeth; 7; 8 mm (at the request of the buyer) with the possibility of changing the angle of inclination of the tooth. Thus, we get two cars in one.

The main advantages of the harrow:
– flexible design of the loop makes it possible to completely copy the soil surface;
– the special quadrangular profile of the tooth, in comparison with the square profile, has less soil resistance and, as a result, significantly reduces the required tractive effort of the tractor;
– the use of rolled products made of high-carbon steel, as well as the appropriate heat treatment in the manufacture of teeth, provide a long service life of equipment before replacing the working bodies;
– the ability to install teeth at different angles to ensure the desired depth of soil cultivation;
– the establishment of 16 rows of teeth allows you to get high quality pre-sowing soil cultivation;
– the hydraulic system makes the transition from transport position to working position very quick and convenient.

It is a complete analogue of the American McFarlane harrow.

By the specified link – a video about the technical characteristics of the working bodies (teeth) of the tooth harrows:

539 028р

General characteristics

Type: hingedTraction class of the tractor: 1,4Working speed, km / h: 10-12Transport speed, km/h, no more: 15Working width of capture, meters, not less: 5,5Depth of processing, cm: up to 8Between tracks of teeth, mm: 12Weight, kg, no more: 1080Manufacturer: Bobruiskselmash OJSC

Overall dimensions, in transport position, mm:

length: 3500width: 3300height: 2500

Productivity, hectare per hour:

main time: 5,5–6,6shift time: 4,125-4,95

Overall dimensions, in working position, mm:

length: 3500width: 5470height: 1050

Performance characteristics:

Number of gear sections: 3Type of working bodies: loosening toothTooth section: quadrangularTooth length, mm: 150±2Tires: 5,00-10-NS6
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