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Hydraulic manipulator "GM-42"

Model Description

Hydraulic manipulator GM-42T-01 is manufactured with electrohydraulic control and is designed to perform loading and unloading operations as part of mobile machines with piece loads in the forestry and other sectors of the national economy.

The hydraulic manipulator is operated in the ambient temperature range from minus 25 to plus 40 °С.

Service area of the GM-42T manipulator.

Manufacturer: Mozyr Machine-Building Plant OJSC

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General characteristics

Type: Hydraulic articulated boom with two-rack drive of the column rotation mechanismModel: GM-42TLoad moment, kN m: 34-1Maximum reach of an arrow, m: 6,5Maximum lifting height of the suspension axis of the working body from the base of the hydraulic manipulator, m: 7,99Angle of rotation of the boom in the horizontal plane, not less: 173°Maximum speed of lifting the load by the boom of maximum length, m / s: 0,6Maximum angular speed of rotation of the boom in the horizontal plane, s-1: 0,35Structural weight, kg, no more: 85580% resource before the first overhaul, h, not less: 6000Permissible lifting capacity at maximum reach, kg: 370Manufacturer: Mozyr Machine-Building Plant OJSC

Overall dimensions in transport position, mm:

length: 3 485±100width: 1 265±50height: 1 800±50
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