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Hydraulic manipulator "GM-50"

Model Description

Manipulator GM50-01 is designed to perform loading and unloading operations as part of mobile machines in industry, construction, forestry and other sectors of the national economy.

Supplied with an electro-hydraulically controlled pull-out section.

The manipulator can be operated in the ambient temperature range from minus 40 to plus 40 °С.

Service area of the GM-50 manipulator.

Manufacturer: Mozyr Machine-Building Plant OJSC

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General characteristics

Execution: GM50-01Type: articulated boom with folding mechanism, hydraulic with two-rack drive of the column rotation mechanismLoad moment, kNm: 45-1Maximum reach of an arrow, m: 7,2Maximum lifting height of the suspension axis of the working body from the base of the manipulator, m: 8,7Angle of rotation of the boom in the horizontal plane, not less: 180°Angle of rotation of the working body (rotator): unlimitedMaximum speed of lifting the load by the boom of maximum length, m / s: 0,6Maximum angular speed of rotation of the boom in the horizontal plane, s-1: 0,35Structural weight, kg, no more: 990Operating weight, kg, no more: 1000Control: Remote, electro-hydraulic with joysticks80% resource before the first overhaul, h, not less: 6000Mean time between failures of II and III complexity groups, h, not less: 750Service life at an average annual operating time of 1000 h, years: 368Manufacturer: 10: Mozyr Machine-Building Plant OJSC

Recommended pump parameters

nominal capacity, liters per minute: 60rated working pressure, MPa: 21rated power consumption, kW: 23

Overall dimensions in transport position, mm

length: 3 700±100width: 1 355±50height: 1 800±50
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