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Grinder of rolls of roughage "IGK-5M"

Model Description

The grinder of rolls of roughage IGK-5 is designed for self-loading, grinding and distribution into feeders, on walking areas, if necessary, into vehicles compressed into rolls or rectangular bales of rough forage (hay, hay, straw) for tethered and loose keeping of large horned livestock.

The overall dimensions of the grinder allow for work in livestock and other buildings with a gate height and width of at least 2600mm and having a passage along the aft aisle of at least 2200mm.

The shredder can be used as a feed dispenser allowing the distribution of feed to the troughs and to the feed table.

1 419 660р

General characteristics

Number of loaded rolls: 2Transport speed, km/h: 25Grinding capacity, rolls per hour: 12 (3,5)Delivery distance, meters: up to 16.0Tractor, class. vehicle: 1,4Tractor hitch type: TSU-2 / TSU-2VManufacturer: BobruiskAgroMash

Overall dimensions, m

length: 4,9width: 2,12 (2,1)smallest height: 2,65

Parameters of shredded rolls, meters

diameter: 1,1-1,9length: 1,2-1,5
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