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Stationary straw chopper without feeding conveyor ISS-180

Model Description

Stationary straw chopper ISS-180 is designed for loading and grinding dry plant materials (hay, straw) in cylindrical rolls in a stationary mode with unloading material into a bulk or a vehicle, and can also be part of a technological line for the production of dry fuel granules for preliminary grinding.
The feeding conveyor is not included in the set!

1 296 660р

General characteristics

Aggregation type: stationaryProductivity, tons per hour: 2,5Power consumption, kW: 49Spreading range, meters: 12Number of loaded rolls, pcs.: 1 (into the drum)Number of rolls on the feeding table, pcs.: 3Weight, kg: 2500Manufacturer: BobruiskAgroMash

Overall dimensions, mm:

length: 10000width: 2600height: 3300
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