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Shredder and packer of wet grain IUVZ-20M

Model Description

The shredder and packer of wet grain is designed for grinding and storing in a polymer sleeve of feed grain with a moisture content of up to 40% for low-tonnage harvesting and storage of feed without the accumulation of mycotoxins while maintaining nutritional value.

The packing density of the crushed wet corn grain reaches 1000 kg / m3. A polymer sleeve is used, as for packing crimped grain. The shredder can be equipped with equipment for adding a preservative.

1 589 280р

General characteristics

It is aggregated with a tractor, class: 1,4Productivity (at a grain moisture content of 30%), toon per hour: up to 20Specific fuel consumption, kg / t.: 1,1-1,5Polymer sleeve dimensions (diameter / length), m: 1,5/60Film thickness, mm.: 0,22Average particle size during grinding (grain mixture / corn), mm: 2,9/1,8The presence of whole grains in the crushed product: notMachine weight, kg.: 2050Manufacturer: BobruiskAgroMash

Overall dimensions, mm:

length: 4000width: 2600height: 2700
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