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Grain grinder "IVZ-10E"

Model Description

Designed for grinding grain crops for the subsequent production of animal feed. It allows you to grind various types of cereals (wheat, corn, barley, oats, etc.) with a moisture content of up to 40% and feed it to a vehicle or to mixers (if necessary), or directly to storage areas (canning). The average particle size when grinding a grain mixture is 1.8 mm. In the off-season, it can be used for grinding feed grains for current use.

The shredder kit may include equipment for adding a preservative.

In order to prevent the growth of mycotoxin-forming fungi in feed, the grinder is equipped with equipment for adding a preservative. For this purpose, neutral anolyte or catholyte can be used. To obtain them, there are electrochemical installations UEH 60-120 and UEH 125-250 (60-120 and 125-250 liters per hour).

1 415 640р

General characteristics

Working bodies drive: Electric motorInstalled capacity, total, kW: 40Productivity, tons per hour: to 10Grain moisture %, no more: 35Weight, kg: 1300Grain unloading height, m: 1,9Crushed product loading height, m, no more: 2,5Unloading container diameter, mm: 200Container volume for preservatives: 200manufacturer: BobruiskAgroMash

Overall dimensions, m

in transport position: 2,8х1,5х1,8in working position: 4,3х1,5х3,5
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