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Mechanical potato digger KM-4

Описание модели

Without special attachments, the functionality of walk-behind tractors and mini tractors would be significantly limited. However, this agricultural machinery is manufactured in such a way that seeders, potato diggers, plows, hillers, etc. can be installed on it.
Potato digger KM-4 is a complex design, consisting of several components:
• frame,
• conveyor,
• ripper,
• lugs,
• wheel axle.
The digger for the MTZ walk-behind tractor is attached to the back of the walk-behind tractor; PTO is not required. When moving, the lugs are set in motion under the own weight of the potato digger. Then the conveyor belt is started from them with the help of a gear transmission. Harvested as follows:
• during the movement, special knives lift the soil and send the potatoes along with the soil to the transport,
• during the passage of the conveyor, vegetables are cleared of excess soil,
• then they are laid out on the garden bed for later collection by hand.

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Mechanical potato digger KM-4

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