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Potato planter KS-3

Описание модели

The potato planter KS-3 is aggregated with MTZ walk-behind tractors, diesel and air-cooled walk-behind tractors from other manufacturers, as well as mini tractors.
How does the potato planter KS-3 work? The whole process of planting tubers using it is as follows:
• potatoes are poured into the bunker, the volume of which is 20 kg;
• in the process of work, the tubers are immersed in the soil to the same depth, the planting step can be adjusted at your discretion;
• the planted seeds are covered with earth by means of disc cultivators.
• number of planted rows – 1 pc.
• bunker volume – 20 kg
• potato diameter – 20-50 mm
• adjustable pitch in a row – 190-210-280 mm
• track – 52-62 cm
• type of conveyor – chain
• planting mechanism – elevator
• type of hillers – disc
• comb height – 15-20 cm
• planter lug size – 340/110 mm
• the size of the lug plates – 130/30 mm
At the same time, the potato planter for the KSP 02 walk-behind tractor is made in such a way as to completely eliminate the risk of overturning during work on uneven soil surfaces.
• reinforced frame
• increased diameter of disc hillers
• modified feed of the potato chute for planting with protection from damage
Depth of processing, mm 50 – 100
Productivity, ha / h 0.1
Working speed, km / h: 3
Capture width, mm 600
Overall dimensions, mm 540x730x970
Weight, kg 45

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