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Potato sorting station "PKSP-25-1"

Model Description

The potato sorting station is intended for accepting the processed product from self-unloading vehicles, separating soil impurities and plant residues, dividing tubers into 3 fractions (feed, seed and food), manual selection of substandard tubers and loading them into containers or vehicles.

The sorting station consists of a receiving hopper – a batcher, entrance ramps, a heap cleaner, a calibrator, outboard and unloading conveyors and a control point for the electric drive of the working bodies, a bulkhead table.

3 435 660р

General characteristics

Productivity for 1 hour of revolutions, tons: 15Calibration accuracy per fraction, %: 90Equipment placement area, m: 12х15Volume of the receiving hopper of the batcher, m³: 6The number of rollers for the heap cleaner, pcs.: 9Active surface width, m: 1,6The angle of inclination of the heap cleaner, degrees: 2...10Number of calibrator rollers, pcs: 10Calibrating surface width, m: 1,5Calibrator tilt angle, degrees: -2...+2Number of unloading conveyors, pcs.: 4Manufacturer: BobruiskAgroMash
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