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Flax harvester Dvina-4M

Model Description

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Flax harvester “Dvina-4M” is designed for pulling fiber flax. The combine is aggregated with tractors of class 1.4.

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General characteristics:

Type: trailedCapture width of the top-lifting part, m: 1,52Service personnel (tractor driver): 1Transport speed, km/h, no more: 20Process reliability factor: 0,97Weight, kg, no more: 2100Manufacturer: Kalinkovichi mechanical repair plant JSC

Purity of pulling, % not less:

when lodging the stalk 5 points: 99when lodging the stalk 3 points: 95

Productivity per hour of main time, hectare, not less:

when lodging the stalk 5 points: 1,0when lodging the stalk 3 points: 0,7

Overall dimensions, mm:

length: 6000width in working position: 4650width in transport position: 3570height: 2700

Performance characteristics:

Productivity per hour of operating time, hectare, not less: 0,6Feeding completeness, %, not less: 98Loss of seeds under the machine, %, no more: 4Departure of stems into confusion, %, no more: 3Angle of deflection of stems in the tape, no more: 10°Step of rows of ribbons, cm: 152Breaks and gaps in the tape, %, no more: 3Damage to stems affecting the yield of long fibers, %, no more: 5
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