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Plow body with semi-screw blade "PLP-01.000" (PLD-06.000)

Model Description

PLP-01.000 (PLD-06.000) bodies are equipped with plows of our production of types PLN, PN, PLP for plowing soils for cereals and industrial crops to a depth of 20-27 cm, with a resistivity of up to 0.1 MPa (1.0 kg s / cm² ) and a working speed of 6-9 km / h.

A body with a plow-moldboard surface of a semi-screw type improves the seam turnover and, in combination with a coal removal (installed instead of a skimmer), ensures the incorporation of stubble residues into the soil with a quality of up to 98% – when plowing discarded stubble and 95% when plowing perennial grasses on sod-podzolic loams, with soil moisture of 17-23%, which is more efficient (by 6%) and less energy intensive (by 2.7%) than analogues produced in the CIS countries.

All parts of the semi-screw housings are unified. Housings of types PLN and PLD differ only in the fastening of the rack (or the beam for the PLD) to the shoe; for the PLP case – on 4 bolts, for the PLD case – on 3 bolts.

The toe of the body is reinforced with a special pad (chisel), which increases the wear resistance of the plowshare and blade chest. The pad (chisel) and the share are made of 65G steel and are thermally treated, which increases their service life up to 30-35 hectares. The composite blade (chest and blade), as well as the reverse sidewall (the ability to rotate it 180 degrees), increase the working time of these parts, contributing to a decrease in the mass of spare parts. The mouldboard chest and fender are made of 8 mm manganese steel with volumetric heat treatment that significantly increases their wear resistance.

The stand of the PLP-01.000 body is interchangeable with the plow post of the PLN type manufactured by Odesselmash OJSC, which allows you to install the PLP-01.000 semi-screw bodies (assembled) on the plow frames of the PLN type available in the CIS countries.


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General characteristics

Working width of capture, mm: 350Plowing depth, mm: up to 270Working width of the body capture, cm: 80-90Depth of planting and crop residues, mm: up to 150Manufacturer: MINSK SESTEREN PLANT OJSC


weight, kg: 58,5 (88)
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