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Plow body with extended semi-screw blade "PK 20.010" (PK 20.010-01)

Model Description

Plow bodies PK 20.010 (PK 20.010-01 – turning) are equipped with plows of our production type PO for plowing soils for grain and industrial crops with a resistivity of up to 0.1 MPa (1.0 kgf / cm²), to a depth of up to 30 cm and a working speed 7 – 9 km / h.

This body is an analogue of body No. 9 manufactured by the Norwegian company “Kverneland” and has an original design: – an elongated semi-screw blade (without blade blade), the angle in plan between the share and the furrow wall is 38 degrees. The reversible chisel is attached directly to the share. The body provides plowing of soddy soils with a large amount of plant residues, plowing of green manure by 98%, with a moisture content of the treated layer up to 25%, and is less energy-intensive (by 15%) compared to bodies with a grip of 40 cm. Produced in the CIS countries.

All highly wear parts of the body are made of high quality steels (65 G, 60 PP) and heat-treated.

A leaf spring mechanism is used to protect the bodies when working on stony soils.

This body has no analogues in the production of tractor plows in the CIS countries.

Minsk Gear Plant OJSC

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General characteristics

Working width of capture, mm: 300-500Plowing depth, mm: up to 300Working width of the body capture, cm: 80-98Depth of planting and crop residues, mm: up to 150Manufacturer: Minsk Gear Plant OJSC


weight, kg: 70.8
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