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Semi-trailed disc mower (with flaking rollers) KDP-310

Model Description

The KDP-310 mower is designed for mowing natural and seeded grasses, including high-yielding and lodged grasses, with laying the mowed mass in a swath or swath in the field. The mower is supplied with replaceable adapters (beater-deck activator or crimping rollers to speed up the drying of the crop).

The central location of the drawbar allows you to mow the grass in both a “driven” and “shuttle” way of moving the machine across the field, which in turn increases the productivity of work.

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1 175 340р

General characteristics

Type of drawbar of the tractor: Hinged device -2Tractor, class. vehicle: 2,0Cut height, mm: 50-100Rotor speed, rpm: 3000Productivity, ha/h: 1,8...3,6PTO rotation speed, rpm: 1000Weight, t: 2,1Capture width, m: 3,1Manufacturer: BobruiskAgroMash

Overall dimensions, mm:

length: 6,9width: 5,2height: 1,55
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