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Machine for the introduction of dusty chemical ameliorants MShKh-9

Model Description

The machine is designed for transportation and surface application of pulverized chemical ameliorants (dolomite flour). The machine can be used in all areas of agriculture, except mountainous areas.

The machine is aggregated with wheeled tractors of at least 3 traction class (Belarus-2022), which have hydraulic system leads, pneumatic brake actuator, PTO, a socket for connecting light-signal electrical equipment, a towing hitch TSU-3V and a socket for connecting portable electrical equipment (local lighting).

3 056 940р

General characteristics

Type: semi-trailedCarrying capacity, kg, no more: 10000Body capacity, cubic meters: 9Weight (without spare parts), kg, no more: 5500Working speed, km / h: 6-10Transport speed, km/h, no more: 20Weight (without spare parts), kg, no more: 300-6000Specific weight, kg*h/ha, no more: 550Tractor, traction class: 3Trailer coupling: TSU-3VManufacturer: BobruiskAgroMash

Overall dimensions, mm, when working with plates:

length: 7500width: 2700height: 3000

Working width of introduction of chemical ameliorants, m

when working with rods: 10when working with cymbals: 8-10

Overall dimensions, mm, when working with rods:

length in working position: 7500width in working position: 10600height in working position: 3000length in transport position: 7500width in transport position: 2700height in transport position: 3000
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