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Machine for applying liquid organic fertilizers "MVZHU-20"

Model Description

Machines for applying liquid organic fertilizers MVZHU are designed for self-loading, transportation, mixing and surface application of liquid organic fertilizers. The machines can be used for the transportation of industrial water
– The machine is equipped with a vacuum rotary vane pump MEC 13500 manufactured by Battioni Pagani (Italy)
– Frame construction
– It is possible to install the upper neck with a slide gate valve D250 mm.

3 059 100р

General characteristics

Type: semi-trailedCarrying capacity, tons, not more: 20Maximum transport speed, km/h: 25Loading height (from the support surface to the upper hatch), meters: 3,5Fence depth for self-loading (from the supporting surface of the machine), meters: 3,5Manufacturer: GiS ALC

Overall dimensions, meters, no more

length: 10,3width: 2,84height: 3,8


self-loading time from a depth of 1.5 m with fertilizer moisture not less than 95%: 12Fertilizer working width, meters: from 6 to 12Fertilizer application rate, tons per hectare: from 10±0.8 to 60±4.8Working speed when applying fertilizers, km / h: 7-10

Other characteristics

Machine weight, kg: 8100Tire: 710/40-R22.5 172AB BKTMaximum permissible tire load, kg: 7310 at 25 km / hTrack size, mm: 2140PTO rotation speed, rpm: 16,6 (1000)
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