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Machine for applying liquid organic fertilizers MZHT-3 without processing the inner surface

Model Description

The machine for applying liquid organic fertilizers MZHT-3 is designed for self-loading, transportation, mixing and continuous surface application of liquid organic fertilizers, as well as for transporting technical water, washing cars, roads, for use in firefighting, etc.

The loading of fertilizers into the machine is carried out by a vacuum system through the filling sleeve. Fertilization is carried out by a pump through the rear unloading branch pipe with a damper.

359 220р

General characteristics

Carrying capacity, tons: 3Self-loading time, no more, minutes: 6Fertilization width, m: 6-12Application rates, tons per hectare: 10-60Depth of liquid intake during self-loading, m: 2,0Weight, t: 0,95Tractor, class. vehicle: 0,6-0,9Productivity, tons per hour: 6,0Type of drawbar of the tractor: TSU-2 / TSU-2VManufacturer: BobruiskAgroMash

Overall dimensions, m

length: 3,84width: 2,0height: 3,4
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