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Machine for applying liquid organic fertilizers MZHU-20-1 (with adapter for subsoil application)

Model Description

The machine for applying liquid organic fertilizers MZHU-20-1 (with an adapter for subsoil application) is designed for self-loading, transportation, surface or subsoil application of liquid organic fertilizers.

The machine consists of a tank, a tandem-type balancing undercarriage or a two-axle spring bogie, a detachable hitch (drawbar), self-loading and unloading devices, a brake system for hinging replaceable working bodies and a cultivator for in-soil fertilization

The machine is aggregated with wheeled tractors of traction class 5 and higher, which have a PTO shaft, a hydraulic hook (TSU-2 or TSU-2V), a hydraulic system outlet, a pneumatic brake drive and a socket for connecting electrical equipment.

4 488 900р

General characteristics

Type of drawbar of the tractor: TSU2 / TSU-2VTractor, class. vehicle: 5,0Productivity, tons per hour: up to 65Application rate, tons per hectare: from 10 to 80Weight, t: 7,6Self-loading time, minutes: 10 ...12Fence depth for self-loading, meters: 3,5Carrying capacity, tons: 20Manufacturer: BobruiskAgroMash

Overall dimensions, mm:

length: 9,6width: 2,84height: 3,6
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