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Forestry loading and transport vehicle "BELARUS MPT-461"

Model Description

Forestry loading and transporting machine “BELARUS” MPT-461.1 is designed for collecting and transporting assortments to loading areas or directly to the consumer.

For transportation of 1 m long assortments, it is necessary to install additional racks supplied by separate order.

The machine is efficient in flat and rough terrain.

The machine can be supplied in the following versions:

461.1 – with hydraulic manipulator GM 42;
461.1 – 01 – with hydraulic manipulator PRIMERO 3967;
461.1 – 02 – with hydraulic manipulator PALMS 665.
Machine “BELARUS” MPT-461.1 consists of:

energy means – forestry tractor “BELARUS” L82.2,
equipped in accordance with the safety requirements for working in the forest,
semi-trailer PL-9 with a manipulator.

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General characteristics

Brand: BELARUSModel: MPT-461.1Type: loading and transportSemi-trailer carrying capacity, kg, no more: 9000Cross-sectional area of the semitrailer cargo compartment, square meters, not less: 2,1Length of transported assortments, m: 2,0; 4,0; 6,0Fuel consumption per hour at operating power, kg / h, no more: 15,2Operating weight (without load), kg: 8 950±100Full weight, kg, no more: 18 050Ground clearance, mm: 400±50Productivity (for assortment harvesting of timber and transportation of assortments at a distance of 300 m), cubic meters per hour, not less: 7,0Manufacturer: Mozyr Machine-Building Plant OJSC

Timber semi-trailer

Type: Single-axle balancing on four pneumatic wheels of frame constructionModel: PL-9Operating weight (with manipulator), kg: 3900±100Overall dimensions (length / width / height), mm, no more: 7 300/2 280/3 300Track width, mm: 1800±50Brakes: Shoe type with pneumatic and mechanical manual drive (parking brake)Platform: Welded with front railing and bunks on the sides

Overall dimensions, mm

length: 10 600±200width: 2 200±100height: 3 200±50

Hydraulic manipulator

Control: From the operator's stationWeight with a working body and a mechanism for turning the working body, kg, no more: 1535Boom outreach, m, not less: 5,55Lifting capacity at maximum outreach, kg: 460Column rotation angle in horizontal plane, not less: 360ºAngle of rotation of the mechanism of rotation of the working body (rotator): unlimitedMoment of rotation of the hydraulic manipulator column in the horizontal plane, kNm, not less: 7,0The minimum diameter of the captured timber, mm: 90

The highest permissible travel speeds, km / h

transport (no cargo): 33,0working (loaded) on the road: 25,0working (with a load) in the forest: 10,0
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