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Forestry loading and transport vehicle "BELARUS MPT-471"

Model Description

Forestry loading and transporting machine “BELARUS” MPT-471 is designed for collecting and transporting assortments to loading areas or directly to the consumer.

The machine is operational at any time of the year in flat and rough terrain, on slopes in the longitudinal direction up to 7 °, on felling areas and forest plots with undergrowth, stumps up to 400 mm high, felling residues, dead wood, fallen trees, butts; on soils with medium and high bearing capacity, on virgin snow with a snow cover depth of up to 0.5 m.

The machine consists of a forestry tractor “BELARUS” L1221 and a multifunctional semi-trailer “BELARUS” PM-10.

Manufacturer: Mozyr Machine-Building Plant OJSC

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General characteristics

Type: Two-link, consisting of a power unit and a semitrailerBrand: BELARUSEnergy remedy: Forestry tractor "BELARUS" L1221-02 TU BY 101483199.539Semitrailer: Multifunctional semi-trailer PM-10 (hereinafter semitrailer) TU BY 101483199.546Semi-trailer carrying capacity, kg: 10000Operational weight, kg: 12 100±100Travel speed on asphalt concrete roads, km / h: 25Travel speed on forest roads, km / h: 8Maximum vertical load from the semitrailer on the trailing device of the power plant, kN: 17The largest of the average specific pressures of the wheel propellers on the ground of the power plant, kPa: 140The largest of the average specific pressures of the wheel propellers on the ground of the semitrailer, kPa: 120Manufacturer: Mozyr Machine-Building Plant OJSC

Overall dimensions (in transport position, without load), mm / Turning radius in the middle of the track of the outer front wheel, m

length: 10 810±20width: 2 700±20height: 3 350±20maximum angle of ascent and descent without load: 20°the greatest angle of ascent and descent with a load: 12°greatest angle of lateral roll: 7°maximum ford depth, ml: 0,8

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The volume of transported timber, cubic meters, not less: 11Control post reversal time, seconds, not more: 60Specific total operational labor intensity of maintenance, man-hours, not more: 0,5MTBF of II and III complexity groups, hours, not less: 500Service life (with an average annual operating time of 1000 h), years, not less: 10Energy equipment track width, mm: 1 950±30Semi-trailer track width, mm: 2 120±50Ground clearance for tractor hitch, mm: 370±20Ground clearance under balancers support, mm: 370±20

Hydraulic manipulator

Model: GM-50 TU BY 101483199.542The greatest load lifting moment, kNm: 50Lifting capacity at maximum reach, kg: 437Maximum reach of an arrow, m: 7,2Column rotation angle in horizontal plane, not less: 380°Rotator angle: unlimitedThe largest area of the conditional section of the gripper, square meters: 0,35

Tire pressure

Air pressure in the pneumatic system, MPa: 0.65 to 0.80Permissible drop in air pressure in the pneumatic system for (30 ± 1) min with the initial position of the brake pedal, MPa: 0.2Air pressure in the tires of the front wheels of the power plant (tire 420 / 70R24LS), MPa: 0,15±0,01Air pressure in the tires of the rear wheels of the power plant (tire 520 / 70R38LS), MPa: 0,15±0,01Air pressure in the tires of the rear wheels of the semitrailer (24.0 / 50-22.5), MPa: 0,2±0,01

Operating parameters of the hydraulic system

Safety valve actuation pressure, MPa: 17,5±0,5Working fluid consumption during hydraulic manipulator operation, liters per minute: from 25 to 50Tank volume, cubic decimeter: 100±5
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