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Motoblock Belarus-08N

Описание модели

Motoblock Belarus-08N is designed for plowing light soils, harrowing, cultivation, inter-row cultivation of potatoes and beets, haymaking, transportation of goods, stationary work driven by a power take-off shaft, as well as for use in gardens and vegetable gardens, on personal plots, etc. NS.

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Engine make:: GX390UT2-SHQ4 HONDAEngine rated power, kW:: 8,2Specific fuel consumption, g / (kW • hour), no more:: 313Fuel:: Gasoline A-92 TU 38.001165-97Forward speed, km / h:: 2,6 / 11,4Reverse speed, km / h:: 3,0 / 5,35Number of forward gears:: 4Number of reverse gears:: 2The mass of the walk-behind tractor in the state of shipment from the factory (filled with oil, equipped with basic working equipment, without spare parts and accessories), kg:: 176Track size of the walk-behind tractor, mm:: 450±30, 600±30, 700±30The greatest mass of the towed trailer (on paved and unpaved roads), kg:: 650Turning radius with a track of 450 mm, m, no more:: 1Agrotechnical clearance, mm:: 295±5

Overall dimensions, mm:

length:: 1780 ± 55width (with wheel track 630 mm):: 846 ± 30height:: 1070 ± 30
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Motoblock Belarus-08N

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