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Bale wrapper "ОРС-2"

Описание модели

Bale wrapper OPC-2 – semi-trailed type, with self-loading, designed for sealing bales of high quality dried herbs with self-adhesive synthetic film. It is aggregated with wheeled tractors of class 1.4 with TSU-1Zh, hydraulic system outputs and a socket.

The wrapper can be used in all areas of farming except mountainous areas.

Loading, wrapping and unloading of the bale is carried out and controlled by the operator directly from the tractor cab.

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677 718р

General characteristics

Air temperature, ºС: 5-40Relative air humidity, %, no more: 80Wind speed, meters per second, no more: 2Mass moisture, %: 40-55Manufacturer: BobruiskAgroMash

Wrapped bale parameters

diameter, mm: 1200-1600length, mm: 1000-1200roll density at 55% humidity, kg / m3, not less: 300weight, kg, no more: 1600
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