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Hiller OKM-1000

Model Description

The hiller is intended for cutting ridges before planting cassava and other row crops similar to it, as well as for inter-row cultivation.

The design of the hiller allows it to be readjusted for a row spacing from 600 to 1000 mm, which makes it possible to use it with various types of planting and harvesting machines.

The hiller is aggregated with tractors of traction class 1.4 by means of a hitch.

Principle of operation.

When the tractor is moving, each disc working body of the hiller progressively moves with the tractor and simultaneously rotates around its axis cuts a part of the soil layer, crumbles it and throws it to the side.

The scheme of the hiller is constructed in such a way that the stands with disks installed towards each other, when the tractor moves, while rotating, they throw a layer of soil towards each other, as a result of which a ridge necessary for planting or hilling is obtained from the soil.

Work in the field must be done by shuttle.

215 700р

General characteristics

Type: HingedRow spacing, mm: 600-1000Working speed of movement, km/h: 6-9Capture width, mm: 1200-2000Disc type: SphericalDisc diameter, mm: 665+3Number of disks, pcs.: 4Disc thickness, mm: 5The angle of attack of the discs, degrees: 20; 24; 28The angle of inclination of the discs, degrees, to the vertical: 12; 15; 18Weight, kg, no more: 390Required horsepower: 50-80Shift time productivity, hectare per hour: 0,54-1,35Working depth of processing, mm: 150-250Manufacturer: Bobruiskselmash OJSC

Overall dimensions, mm:

length: 1400width: 2800height: 1400
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