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Plow 4-body hinged for stony soils "PKMP-4-40R" (PKM-4-40R)

Plow 4-body hinged for stony soils “PKMP-4-40R” (PKM-4-40R)

Описание модели

Plows PKMP-4-40R (PKM-4-40R) are intended for processing old-arable, weakly and medium-stony soils with a resistivity of up to 0.1 MPa (1.0 kgf / cm), and a plowing depth of up to 25 cm. Plows work on all types of soils with a moisture content of the cultivated layer up to 25%. Stubble and grass stand height up to 25 cm.

Plows are aggregated with tractors of class 2. 0 – Belarus –1221, with a tractor track width of 1800 mm.

The plows are equipped with PC 16.000 hulls of a semi-screw type with elongated dumps and a spring protection system, which serves to lift the hulls when hitting obstacles (stones, flagstones and other objects) and automatically dig them after overcoming obstacles. The share tip is reinforced with a special chisel. All highly wear parts of the enclosures are made of high-quality steel and heat-treated.

The PKM-4-40R plow is equipped with a mechanism for stepwise adjustment of the furrow width of 35, 38, 40, 42, 45 cm bodies. The PKMP-4-40R plow provides a constant body width of 40 cm.

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General characteristics

Plow type: hingedWorking width of the body capture, cm: 40Working width of capture of a plow, mm: 1600Working speed of movement, km/h: 7-9Plowing depth, cm: up to 27Productivity for 1 hour of main time, per hour: 1,4-1,6Manufacturer: Minsk Gear Plant OJSC


length, mm: 4500width, mm: 2310height, mm: 1440weight, kg: 960
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