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8-furrow mounted plow reinforced with variable working width "PN-8-35U"

8-furrow mounted plow reinforced with variable working width “PN-8-35U”

Описание модели

The 8-case mounted plow PN-8-35U is designed for plowing for grain and industrial crops to a depth of 27 cm, not clogged with stones, flagstone and other obstacles, with a resistivity of up to 0.1 MPa (1.0 kgf / cm²). The plow is aggregated with tractors of the 5 kN class (K-701, K-700A).

The design features of the plow are:

Increased clearance under the frame (up to 700mm).
Reinforced frame made of 160 cm high profile.
Reinforced racks with PLP-01.000 semi-screw bodies are taken out from under the plow frame, which increases the reliability of the technological process.
A hinged device with a suspension axis, provides convenience and safety of the assembly of the unit.
The variable width of the plow will allow you to set the optimum speed of the unit and the depth of plowing.
Pneumatic front support wheel.
The three-bar linkage excludes the shocks from the tractor, which ensures a stable plow travel and improves the quality of plowing.
Changeable productivity of the arable unit reaches 22-25 hectares.

Working bodies (housings, angle-removable, circular knife) are unified with the plows produced by the Minsk Gear Plant.

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General characteristics

Plow type: row cropWorking speed of movement, km/h: 7-9Productivity for 1 hour of main time, per hour: 1,96-2,7Working width of capture, mm: 2800-3000Manufacturer: Minsk Gear Plant OJSC


length, mm: 6850width, mm: 3830height, mm: 1700weight, kg: 2100
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