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Reversible plow 4-body semi-mounted "PO-4-40"

Reversible plow 4-body semi-mounted “PO-4-40”

Описание модели

The PO- (4 + 1) -40 plow is intended for smooth plowing of weak and medium-stony soils with a resistivity of up to 0.1 MPa (1.0 kgf / cm²), a plowing depth of 27 cm.

The plow is aggregated with tractors of 3.0 kN class, engine power 120-150 hp. (“Belarus -1221, 1523).

The design of the plow provides the advantages of smooth plowing (without the formation of stump ridges and breakaway furrows), and the spring protection of the bodies – trouble-free operation on stony soils.

Possibility of adjusting the furrow width of the plow, i.e. the use of the plow in 4 or 5-furrow versions allows you to choose the optimal speed mode of plowing (depending on soil and climatic conditions), contributing to the rational loading of the tractor engine, which significantly reduces fuel consumption.

The plow is equipped with right- and left-hand turning hulls of the PPO type manufactured by RUE MZSH, similar to hulls No. 9 by Kverneland (Norway).

Minsk Gear Plant OJSC

936 438р

General characteristics

Plow type: negotiableWorking width of capture of a plow, mm: 1600Working speed of movement, km/h: 7-9Plowing depth, cm: up to 27Productivity for 1 hour of main time, per hour: 1,12-1,44Manufacturer: Minsk Gear Plant OJSC


length, mm: 5700width, mm: 2850height, mm: 1710weight, kg: 2450
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