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Seven-hull mounted plow "PGP 7-40-3"

Model Description

Seven-hull mounted plow PGP-7-40-3 with pneumohydraulic safety devices and semi-screw working surfaces of hulls is designed for plowing various soils to a depth of 27 cm with a resistivity of up to 0.1 MPa (1 kgf / cm²), moisture of the treated layer up to 23%, height of crop residues and grass stand up to 20 cm, field slope up to 8 °, littered with stones of various sizes and shapes.

The body with a semi-screw moldboard-ploughshare surface is used for wrapping and crumbling the soil layer. Uglosnim is designed to improve the incorporation of plant residues. Consists of a dump, bracket, fastening parts and can be installed in two positions depending on the height of the vegetation.

The plowing depth adjustment mechanism is used to set, adjust and maintain the plowing depth during plowing. Lowering or raising the wheel is carried out by rotating the screw handle. On the stand there are marks for the approximate setting of the plowing depth according to the position of the mark at the level of the upper edge of the holder.

Manufacturer: Orshaagroprommash

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General characteristics

Plow type: hingedTransport speed, km/h: 20Plowing depth, no more than cm: 27Plow width, cm: 280Productivity for 1 hour of main time, hectare: 1,96-2,8Working speed of movement, km/h: 7-10Capacity (PHA), liters: 6,3Manufacturer: Orshaagroprommash


length, mm: 6400width, mm: 2800height, mm: 1900weight, kg: 2600
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