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Agricultural front loader "PFS-0.75"

Agricultural front loader “PFS-0.75”

Описание модели

Front-end agricultural loader PFS-0.75 based on the BELARUS-82.1-23 tractor with replaceable working bodies.

Created for:

performance of loading and unloading operations,
moving and stacking rolls,
warehousing of piece goods,
backfilling of trenches and holes with bulk soils,
site layouts, etc.
PFS-0.75 consists of:

mounted hydraulic frame (permanent equipment) mounted on the tractor
and easily mounted (dismantled) replaceable working bodies.
The basic tractor “BELARUS” -82.1-23 differs from the tractor “BELARUS” -82.1:

The presence of a front axle beam type.
Enlarged front wheels.
At the request of the customer, the loader bulldozer can be supplied with various working bodies. Detailed description in technical specifications

Manufacturer: Mozyr Machine-Building Plant OJSC

Цена по запросу

General characteristics

Mounting hook: designed for loading and unloading piece cargoExtension: used with a dozer blade to increase the reach of the boomSweeping machine capacity, m³: 0,4Bucket lifting capacity for bulk materials, kg: 750Bucket capacity for bulk materials, m³: 0,4Bucket loading height for bulk materials, m: 2.6Loading capacity of cargo forks, kg: 750Lifting height of cargo forks, m: 2,5Carrying capacity of the roll-grab gripper, kg: 750Width of roll-grab gripper, m: 0.9Unloading height of the roll-grab gripper, m: 5Loading capacity of the jaw gripper, kg: 750Jaw grip width, m: 2,1Jaw grab capacity, m³: 0.4Loading capacity of the gripper of rolls, kg: 750Maximum roll diameter for gripping, mm: 1600Maximum lifting height for bale gripper, m: 2.6Capture width of the dozer blade, m: 2.1Dozer blade height, m: 0.65Loading capacity of a bucket for cleaning snow, kg: 750Bucket capacity for snow removal, m³: 0.9Bucket unloading height for snow removal, m: 2.6Carrying capacity of the device for stacking, kg: 500Capacity of the device for stacking, m³: 9Unloading height of the stacking device, m: 4,5Silo cutter (Volume of the maximum cut out block), m³: 0.65Silo cutter (Maximum mass of the cut out block), kg: 750Manufacturer: Mozyr Machine-Building Plant OJSC
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