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Loader-transporter of rolls of hay "TP-10"

Model Description

The transporter of rolls TP-10 is designed for loading, transporting and unloading rolls of hay, straw, flax, formed by balers.

Equipped with a loading mechanism driven by the tractor’s hydraulic system. Lightweight, durable frame provides the necessary rigidity and ample volume.

1 434 720р

General characteristics

Carrying capacity, tons: 7Weight, t: 3,5Unloading time, minutes: 3Tractor, class. vehicle: 1,4Tractor hitch type: TSU-2 / TSU-2VManufacturer: BobruiskAgroMash

Overall dimensions, m

length: 9,15width: 3,6height: 3,1

Number of transported rolls

180cm x 150cm: 10150cm x 120cm: 17120cm x 120cm: 17
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