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Container semi-trailer "BELARUS PK-12"

Model Description

The semitrailer is designed for loading, delivery and unloading of removable containers by a loading and unloading mechanism of the “multi-lift” type or unloading the contents of a container in a dump truck mode.

The semi-trailer can be used in

the logging industry,
other sectors of the national economy.
The semi-trailer is operational at any time of the year in flat and rough terrain at ambient temperatures from minus 30 °С to plus 40 °С.

Manufacturer: Mozyr Machine-Building Plant OJSC

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General characteristics

Type: single-axle four-wheel frame semi-trailerEnergy remedy: tractor of traction class 2 in accordance with GOST 27021Carrying capacity (including the mass of the container), kg, no more: 10000Operating weight (including container weight), kg: 8000±100Maximum vertical load from the semitrailer on the hitch of the tractor, kN: 22.9The largest of the average specific pressures of the semi-trailer wheels on the ground, kPa: 180Length, mm: 7200±50Width in working position: 2700±50Transport width: 2110±20Height, mm: 3800±50The highest permissible speeds of movement with a load on roads with asphalt or equivalent pavement, km / h: 25The highest permissible speeds of movement with a load on forest roads, km / h: 10Track size, mm: 2100±30Ground clearance, millimeters, not less: 420Greatest angle of ascent and descent: 12°Greatest angle of lateral roll: 7°Air pressure of the brake system, MPa: from 0.65 to 0.80 (provided by a tractor)Tire pressure (24.0 / 50-22.5LS), MPa: 0,2±0,01Average operational labor intensity of shift maintenance, man-hours, no more: 0.11Specific total operational labor intensity of maintenance, man-hours, not more: 0.006Mean time between failures of II and III complexity groups, h, not less: 50080% resource before the first overhaul, h, not less: 8000Service life, years: 10Type of loading and unloading mechanism: hook liftLoading and unloading mechanism model: МПР-1Container type: wireframeContainer weight, kg: 2500±50Useful container volume, cubic meters: 24±0,5Manufacturer: Mozyr Machine-Building Plant OJSC
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