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Dump semi-trailer "PST-18"

Описание модели

Tractor semi-trailer PST-18 consists of a body, a frame, a balancing trolley, wheels, a drawbar. There is a ladder on the front side of the body. The tailgate of the body has a rectangular shape in the horizontal plane. The beveled corners of the bottom eliminate the adhesion of bulk cargo in the corners, and ensures an even distribution of pressure. It is possible to install extension boards to increase the volume of the body. The body is raised using a hydraulic cylinder, which allows, without leaving the tractor, to raise the body and unload the contents of the trailer back.

When lifting the body of the trailer in the process of unloading the transported cargo, the opening of the tailgate occurs automatically. The frame is welded from a high-strength channel. Light and electric lighting devices are installed on the frame. A receiver is fixed under the body in the lower part of the frame. The PST-18 dump tractor semitrailer is equipped with single-circuit pneumatic brakes and a mechanical parking brake, two anti-rollbacks are included. The suspension is biaxial, balancing type, repeating the terrain, which reduces the accident risk.

2 310 720р

General characteristics

Main tractor: BELARUS-2122Technically permissible total weight, tons: 23Tires: 24.0 / 50-22.5 or 20.0 / 60-22.5Manufacturer: BobruiskAgroMash

Geometric body volume, m³

with main sides: 16with low extension boards: 22,5with high extension boards: 28

Loading height, m

on the main sides: 2,65on low extension boards: 3,25on high extension boards: 3,8
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