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Tractor semi-trailer "PTSS-15-02"

Model Description

Tractor agricultural semitrailers special PTSS-15 are designed for transportation and mechanized unloading of manure, compost, silage and hay mass and other agricultural cargo.

Semi-trailers are manufactured in two versions:

PTSS-15-01 – semitrailer equipped with a valve (basic configuration);
PTSS-15-02 – a semitrailer equipped with a spreader used for surface application of solid organic fertilizers (manure, compost, peat, etc.). The package of this version also includes a valve that can be easily installed instead of the spreader, if necessary, to transport grain, silage mass, etc. bulk materials.

The main parameters of the spreader:
Length: 1270 mm
Width: 2500 mm
Height: 2800 mm
Weight: no more than 1600 kg
Number of milling shafts (beaters): 2

Manufacturer: Torgtekhmash LLC

3 119 000р

General characteristics

Type: Semi-trailer specialBody capacity (without extension boards), m³, not less: 17,6Body capacity (with extension boards), m³, not less: 26,5Loading height (on side boards), mm, not more: 3000Loading height (along the sideboards), mm, not more: 3600Unloading height, mm, no more: 1700Unloading time, minutes: 3-10Unloading completeness without manual post-treatment, %, not less: 99,0Loss of cargo during transportation: Not allowedFertilizer working width, meters: 8,0-12,0Uneven fertilization (along the working width),%, no more: ± 25Uneven fertilization (in the direction of travel), %, no more: ± 20Fertilizer application dose range, t / ha: 10-60Deviation of the actual dose of fertilization from the specified one,%, not more: ± 10Instability of the fertilizer application dose as the body is emptied, %, not more: ± 10Transport speed, km/h: 40,0Distribution of the load on the supports at full load on the drawbar of the tractor, tons, not more: 3,0Distribution of the load on the supports at full load on the semi-trailer bogie, tons, no more: 23,6Track size, mm: 1900Minimum outside turning radius of a semitrailer, m, no more: 8Ground clearance, millimeters, not less: 300Number of wheels, pieces: 4Permissible tire load, kg, no more: 6100Working pressure in the hydraulic system, MPa, not more: 20Number of service personnel (tractor driver), people: 1Reliability factor of the technological process, not less: 0,99Coefficient of using shift time, not less: 0,20Availability factor for operational time, not less: 0,99Service life, years, not less: 10Carrying capacity, tons, not more: 15

Main parameters of the spreader

length, mm: 1270width, mm: 2500высота, мм: 2800weight, kg, no more: 1600number of milling shafts (beaters): 2

Parameters and characteristics PTSS-15-02

Productivity per 1 hour (with a bulk density of the cargo 750-800 kg / m³, a transportation distance of 1.5 km and an application rate of 40 t / ha) of the main, t, not less: 200Productivity per 1 hour of time (with a bulk density of the cargo 750-800 kg / m³, a transportation distance of 1.5 km and an application rate of 40 t / ha) of a changeable, t, not less: 40,0Working speed when applying fertilizers, km / h: 4,0-10,0Specific weight at maximum carrying capacity, kg / t, no more: 580Specific fuel consumption of the tractor "BELARUS 3022" in the unit with a semitrailer, kg / t: 0,80Mean time between complex failures (failures of II and III groups of complexity), hours, not less: 100Every shift operational time of maintenance, hours, not more: 0,23Specific total operational labor intensity of technical services, man-hours, no more: 0,028Resource before write-off, hours: 1000

Overall dimensions PTSS-15-02

length, mm: 9000width, mm: 2500height (in transport position), mm: 3900height (in working position with a raised tailgate), mm: 4800Weight, kg, no more: 8700
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