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Tractor dump semitrailer "PTS-18"

Описание модели

Tractor dump semitrailer PTS-18 is designed for mass transportation of loose and bulk agricultural cargoes on all types of roads and in the field.
• Suspended drawbar for a smooth ride
• It is possible to install additional sides to increase the volume of the body when transporting bulky lightweight cargo.

2 083 587р

General characteristics

Carrying capacity, kg: 18000Body capacity, m³, not less: 19,5Weight, kg, no more: 6000Full mass of the semitrailer, kg, no more: 24000Maximum speed, km/h: 30Loading height, mm, no more: 2860Manufacturer: GiS ALC

Other characteristics

Ground clearance, mm: 300Track width, mm: 1915Number of wheels, pcs.: 4Wheel rims (size in inches): 20x22,5 ET-70Tires: 600/50-22,5 16PRLift angle of the cargo platform, degrees: 45It is aggregated with tractors: 5

Internal body dimensions, meters

length: 5,88width: 1,51height: 2,20

Overall dimensions, m (in transport position)

length: 8,20width: 2,55height (unloaded): 2,55
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