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Tractor trailer 2PTS-4.5-1

Описание модели

Tractor trailer special for transportation of various agricultural and construction bulk cargo, organic fertilizers with a bulk weight of up to 1.6 tons per m³ with unloading back and on two sides.

The use of the trailer is possible in all soil and climatic zones, except for mountainous ones. The two-axle trailer with four tires 13.0 / 75-16HC8 is equipped with pneumatic brakes. The unloading of the trailer is carried out using one hydraulic cylinder located in the center of the trailer loading platform.

The choice of the unloading side is made by manually unlocking the corresponding locks connecting the cargo platform to the trailer frame. 2PTS-4.5-1 – special tractor trailer with overhead mesh sides.

Designed for the transportation of various cargoes with a bulk density of up to 400 kg/m³ (silage, haylage, green mass, cotton, etc.)

591 360р

General characteristics

Type of drawbar of the tractor: TSU-2 / TSU-2VTractor, class. vehicle: 1,4Track width, mm: 1800Tire: 9,0/16 10PRCarrying capacity, tons: 4,5Body capacity, cubic meters: 11,4Weight, t: 1,75Transport speed, km/h: 40Unloading: backManufacturer: BobruiskAgroMash

Overall dimensions, mm:

length: 5,8width: 2,34height: 2,53
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