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Attachment hinged auger (for semi-trailer PST-12) PNSh-1-01

Model Description

The device PNSH-1, mounted on dump tractor semitrailers PST-9 and PST-12, is intended for mechanized filling of grain into seeders from a semitrailer in the fields during sowing of grain crops, and it is also allowed to use it for unloading threshed grain for current, overloading and drying grain …

It consists of a removable tailgate, an Italian-made auger driven by a hydraulic motor, a mechanism for fixing the auger in the transport and working position. When loading, the grain enters the auger conveyor, rotated by a hydraulic motor, and then into the hopper of the seeder. As the grain is consumed, the body of the semitrailer rises.

Product categories:

247 860р

General characteristics

Weight, kg: 290Manufacturer: BobruiskAgroMash

Overall dimensions, mm:

length: 500width: 2300height: 2900
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