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Distributor of RU-8 mineral fertilizers

Model Description

The distributor of RU-8 mineral fertilizers is designed for surface application of solid mineral fertilizers in granular or crystalline form and lime chemical ameliorants.

The bottom conveyor is driven by the tractor hydraulic system synchronously with the operating speed of the unit due to an integrated control system based on proportional-integral control.

The distributor of mineral fertilizers RU-8 is equipped with an automated control and monitoring system for the application of mineral fertilizers and lime chemical ameliorants with an indication of the SKVU-M mass, which is designed for automatic control of the application process, as well as control of the application dosage.

The SKVU-M system provides the following features:
– accumulation of statistical information;
– selection of automatic and manual modes of operation;
– the function of calibrating the dose of mineral fertilizers and lime chemical ameliorants;
– in case of a deviation from the normal operation of the system, a text message about the malfunction appears on the screen;
– the ability to use GPS navigation;
– (function) GSM data collection and transmission, and parallel driving function

2 847 540р

General characteristics

Type: semi-trailedCarrying capacity, tons: 14Loading height on sides, meters: 2,5Weight, t: 5,7Application rate, kg / ha: 50-7000Application width, m: 8-10Tractor, traction class: 2 and 3Type of drawbar of the tractor: TSU-2VManufacturer: BobruiskAgroMash

Changeable productivity, ha / h

granular fertilizers: 7-26crystalline fertilizers: 3,5-11,0

Overall dimensions, meters:

length: 8,07width: 2,536height: 2,85
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