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Distributor-mixer for feed RSK-17

Model Description

The dispenser-mixer of feed RSK-17 is intended for loading, regrinding, mixing and distributing mixtures of stalked and concentrated feed with indication of their weight. The use of the feed dispenser allows to achieve the homogeneity of the multicomponent feed over 85%, and to reduce the uneven distribution of feed along the length of the feed passage to 5-10%.

The dispenser-mixer of fodder RSK-17 has a body volume designed for one pass for feeding up to 200% of the head of cattle. The mixing device is presented in the form of 2 horizontally located augers, each of which has a counter winding and 5 tooth knives are installed around the spirals perimeter. The dispenser-mixer of fodder RSK-17 with tractors of a 2% traction class of the BELARUS-1221 type, having at the rear two pairs of hydraulic system outlets, a power take-off shaft with a rotation speed of 1000% min-1, a socket for connecting external electrical equipment and a towing hitch of the type TSU -2V (crossbar + fork).

Distribution of feed mixtures is carried out when the feed dispenser moves along the stern passage along the feeding troughs or the feed table with an unloading conveyor (on the right) or through an unloading chute (on the left), by opening the slide gate in the unloading window.

The RSK-17 feed dispenser-mixer is equipped with a universal control system for the mass of the mixture components SKMS.02 RIDP.421457.523 manufactured by the SKB Zapad branch of Tsvetotron OJSC.

The augers of the dispenser-mixer are driven from the tractor power take-off shaft, and the unloading conveyor – from the hydraulic motor.

The RSK-17 feed dispenser-mixer has the following distinctive design competitive advantages:
– the width of the machine in the conditions of typical projects of farms-complexes facilitates entry and exit through the gate into the feed corridors;
– the rotational speed of the tractor power take-off shaft is 1000 min-1, which almost halves the torque and the load on it during the operation of the horizontal screw mixing device;
– the hydraulic motor of the unloading conveyor and the hydraulic cylinders for opening and closing the gates of the unloading windows are driven by the hydraulic system of the tractor and are controlled by a standard hydraulic valve, while the competitors have an autonomous hydraulic station with cable control;
– the running system, the brake system, the hydraulic system are unified with other machines produced by Managing Company of the Bobruiskagromash Holding OJSC, which simplifies maintenance and repair, since in case of failure, you can quickly replace an element with a similar one;
– right-hand dispensing of feed mixture by a conveyor, which is more familiar and comfortable for driving a tractor driver;
– the weighing device is the development of the “Integral” holding and is programmed taking into account the wishes of the consumer;
– more powerful strain gauges in the weighing device of the feed dispenser-mixer are designed for the case of a short-term excess of the carrying capacity in the conditions of real agricultural production;
– the presence of a list of rations in the basic version with at least seven components;
– fast loading of rations via a personal computer;
– the ability to connect executive mechanisms (control of a hydraulic motor, gate, etc.);
– fixing overloads with date and time;
– the possibility of remote access to quickly change rations;
– laser marking of sensors.

The dispenser-mixer of feed RSK-17 can be equipped with:
– a universal control system for the mass of mixture components SKMS.03 TU BY 200014120.005-2018 according to RIDP.421457.523-02 with the display location in the tractor cab;
– weighing system type STAD 04 manufactured by dinamica generale® S.p.A. (Italy);
– hydraulic system based only on high pressure hoses with rubber or polymer pressure pads;
– hydraulic system based on threaded oil pipelines without welding operation with rubber or polymer pressure pads;
– hydraulic cranes for blocking hydraulic cylinders;
– a separate tube for storing the operating manual;
– informational sticky applications of the customer;
– a tourniquet using heat shrink tubes;
– plastic wheel chocks.

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1 994 820р

General characteristics

Hopper capacity, cubic meters: 17Carrying capacity, tons, not more: 6,1Weight, tons, no more: 4,9Mixing duration, minutes: 7-10Mixing unevenness, %, no more: 20Feed dispensing dose, kg / running meter: 5-35Manufacturer: BobruiskAgroMash

Overall dimensions, mm:

length: 6,95transport width: 2,07working width: 2,50height: 2,65
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