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Modernized pneumatic seeder Berestye SPU-6MD

Model Description

The modernized pneumatic universal seeder SPU-6 MD is intended for precise sowing of seeds of almost any grain, legume or grass crop (wheat, barley, rye, oats, peas, lupine, clover, vetch, turnip, carrot, turnip, etc.) on the soil, pre-prepared for sowing, with the simultaneous introduction of fertilizers. Differs in high-precision seeding, reliable operation, decent productivity and ease of maintenance. In addition, the unit is versatile in changeover, and one tractor driver is enough for its operation. Hopper capacity – 1600 liters. For aggregation, a tractor of drawbar category 2 is required.

980 000р


Type:: Semi-mountedProductivity for 1 hour of main time, ha:: up to 7.2Working speed of movement on the base. operations, km / h:: up to 12Hopper capacity, dm³:: 1600Row spacing for single-disc and single-disc coulters, cm:: 12.5±0.5; 6.2±0.5Seeding depth, cm:: 1-5Structural dry weight, kg:: 1370
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